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Care Farm

Welcome to Anglia Care Farm

Set in the outskirts of Bottisham between Cambridge and Newmarket, Springhall farm is a goat farm with the added bonus of also being a care farm.


Our objectives are to provide clients with enjoyable and meaningful tasks on the farm. They will be supervised by myself, and if appropriate, a carer / family member. We want them to feel valued, and have improved self worth and wellbeing.

Our values are to be inclusive, enabling, caring and expert. “Every day is a field day” is our ethos.  We want our clients to take advantage of the opportunities on the farm and enjoy being part of the team.

  • Inclusive: to feel incorporated into the daily activities of the farm.

  • Enabling: we want older people and those with dementia to feel empowered and validated as individuals.

  • Caring: we are passionate about what we do and care about each individual.

  • Expert: we are authoritative, trained and quality orientated.

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm

​Sunday: Closed

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